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Cannabis does not even really like reggae!

What is to become a high- quality medical product wants to be pampered throughout the day. That is why our hemp plants get to enjoy the tropical vacation climate on their hand-shaped leaves all day long while sipping on their favourite cocktail, which we constantly refine- its successful mix will remain our well protected secret. During the day they gently sway their blossoms from virtual sunrise to staged twilight, to classical music and hip hop.

All of this not because we believe it will promote their growth and the CBD production. But because we are completely sure of it. After all, we perform around 210´000 meticulous measurements every day in different areas of the plant. This allows us to constantly be aware which changes, no matter how small, will have which effect on our cannabis. It is no wonder, then, that we also have the highest hygiene values.

Hanfblüten rüsten
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