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Our cannabis plants

prefer classical music

to reggae

We refine hemp in pure culture to medicine.

We are GACP-Conform according to EMA (European Medicines Agency)

In our cannabis factory we cultivate our plants in a high-tech production line under well reviewed hygiene conditions. Not only to meet the high requirements of the strict Swiss legislation, but above all, because we produce a medical product, which will be able to help many patients in the future- in a completely natural way and without chemical additives.

Hanffabrik, Grenchen, Schweiz

3D tour


Visit our production site virtually and look for yourselves where we work. Use the arrow keys or your mouse to navigate through our premises. On the bottom right you will find the “help” button and on the bottom left you are able to click into the building and check out the various floors. We hope you enjoy the interesting tour.

Indooranlage von Metamount Schweiz AG
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